Surviving The Holidays With Essential Oils

Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post
November 20, 2015
Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post

disfunctionBe thankful, it’s the Holiday Season! Family is coming. What’s that you say? Family is coming? Does your life suddenly sound like a scene from every holiday movie combined?

Clean the kitchen. Shop for groceries. Clean the bathroom. Vacuum. Dust. Return to the grocery store… for the third time. Crowds! Slow lines! What? No more pumpkin pie filling? You must be kidding! Phone rings:  “Your family’s here NOW. WHAT? They’re here early? Shut the door to the bedroom! I’ll be home in 10 minutes!”

The stress of the season can get to us. Thankfully (pun intended) we’ve put together this Thanksgiving / Christmas / Holiday Survival Guide to help you make it through.

Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oils

Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oils

Before your guests arrive, diffuse your favorite essential oils to help with the stresses of a house full of family. Here are some suggestions of oils to lift moods:

From the Everyday Oil Collection (comes with the Premium Starter Kit)

Here are some other amazing essential oil blends to use for emotional stability, including boosting your energy, helping you sleep and easing negative emotional feelings:

Drink Shots Together

Drink Shots Together

Instead of resorting to your favorite adult beverage, why not make NingXia Red shots? What’s more fun that shots at family gatherings?! These are healthy and even the kids can enjoy them, plus it’s a GREAT way to introduce family to Young Living – who knows, you might break through their skepticism and get them started on a healthy lifestyle!

Download the high resolution NingXia Red Shots flyer to see all of the awesome recipes!

Climb Into The Bottle

Climb Into The Bottle

Is there that one Young Living Essential Oil that you just want to climb into the bottle because you just love it that much?

Then use that one! Use it in the morning and throughout the day. There’s a reason you want to climb in that bottle – your body wants it and needs it!

Work on yourself and you’ll be a positive influence on everyone around you.

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