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Like most of you, we were introduced to Young Living because someone cared enough about us to tell us that essential oils could change our lives. That person was Jim’s sister, Barb. She believed – no, she knew – that essential oils would enhance our vitality if only we’d give them a try. Of course, we were skeptical about “alternative practices” that seemed so foreign to us at the time. Sound familiar? But because of her love (and patience and persistence) she finally convinced us to give them a try. Wow! We are grateful that we did!

transformation essential oilSo our journey with Young Living Essential Oils began in 2011 and since then our lives have been transformed… We are healthier, happier and we have more time to enjoy living life rather than just getting through each day. Now we enjoy living a life of wellness, purpose and abundance! Not only has our health improved (we exercise daily, competed in a Tough Mudder together, lost pounds, inches and body fat), but our outlook on life has changed. Young Living has taught us how to pursue our passion of helping others transform their lives and it’s provided us with an opportunity to leave our jobs to do this full time. If you had told us that was possible in 2011, we would have laughed in your face!

abundance essential oilNow, instead of laughing at such a preposterous statement, we are giggling about how each day “feels different!” We’ve won back our Sunday’s (Yes, we were the people who complained about Sunday because it meant the start of a new week was just a few hours away) and now we wake up in the morning with a joyful spirit to be intentional about each day. You can’t put a price tag on that… it’s priceless. Young Living helped us get our lives back!

So we are here to talk to YOU. We want this for YOU, too. Perhaps, just maybe, you’ll transform your life, too! What would you do with your new life? What is it worth to you to discover wellness, purpose and abundance? Let us know and we’ll get you started!

Want a glimpse at the Young Living lifestyle?

Watch this incredible video where Young Living members participate at Young Living’s Winter Harvest at the Highland Flats Farm in Naples, Idaho where members help harvest blue spruce and ponderosa pine essential oils.

Now, more than ever, we’re excited to share the power of essential oils with you! Get in touch with us today.

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