Men, It’s Time For You To Get On Board With Essential Oils

Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post
December 10, 2015
Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post

So your wife has a new obsession:  Young Living Essential Oils. And every time you turn around she’s wanting to rub some on you, tell you all about how they’ll help you feel better… and what’s that diffuser-thing anyway?

Yes, essential oils have a fragrance, and if you put them on, you’ll wear the fragrance on you, too. Most of them smell really nice. Some don’t. But every one of them has a therapeutic value to it and your wife is excited to share them with you. So why don’t you want to listen?

We are some stubborn-a$$ creatures.

stubborn men billboardForgive the language, but sometimes this is how men have to talk to each other to make a point. This is one of those times. I’m going to say it here like I’d say it if we were in person. Unapologetically. Confidently. Truthfully. Authentically. If you don’t have the interest in reading on, I can’t help you because you’re unwilling to help yourself. So I ask, what’s the harm? What are you afraid of? If it works, it works. Get over your stubbornness and get living better. Maybe, just maybe, you don’t have it all figured out and your better half is really onto something.


I get it. We’re tough. Except when we’re sick.

Yeah, I get it. You’ve got a job to do. You’ve got responsibilities. You don’t have time to get sick or even time to take care of yourself. So you ignore the signs:  the sniffle, the tickle in the throat, the tiredness and before you know it, you’ve got the crud. The unfortunate reality is that when we do get sick, we’re big babies about it. Just ask your wife.

Morgan Freeman says he's right, you knowIn general, guys don’t make time for their health. We work overtime. We have responsibilities when we get home. We’re busy, and worst yet, our ego tell us we won’t get sick. Except we do. When we ignore what we eat, when we eat, when (or if) we exercise, how much sleep we get, and how much time we leave to ourselves we are contributing to our vulnerability. It’s a hard truth to take. I know, I’ve done it. But I refuse to think that way any longer and I don’t want that for you, either.

Your wife has been urging you to take better care of yourself, because she knows the extra burden it is to take care of another child in the house. Like I said, we can be big babies when we don’t feel good. That’s why your wife has been asking you to put Thieves on the bottoms of your feet to boost your immune response. It’s why she keeps telling you to drink 2 ounces of NingXia Red every day to fill the (substantial) gaps in your nutrition. She’s probably drinking a drop or two of Young Living’s peppermint essential oil or lemon essential oil. She’s feeling great! You still think it’s a joke, that it’s all in her head, but she’s wiser than you think. Oh, and by the way, she hasn’t been sick – even once – in the past year, despite taking care of you and the kids when you are. Hmmmm…

Your wife’s essential oil habit could be your ticket to financial independence.

image of couple relaxing on the beachYou laugh at her latest craze. You’ve seen it before. She’s found another passion; another program of the month to get involved with. Except this one might just be your ticket to everything you’ve been working toward… everything you’ve dreamed of. But for some reason – perhaps it’s pride – you don’t want to believe it. That’s not fair. She craves your support. She’s been researching, learning and investing in her own growth to build something sustainable for your future. Listen to her.

You need to understand that your lovely wife has an opportunity in front of her to earn some extra money. It might be enough to pay off the house a few years early, fund that dream vacation you’ve been talking about, pay off your credit cards, or maybe, become financially independent. Would you be laughing then? Will you be man enough to support her and build a future life you both dream of? Dude, come on! What if?

You won’t lose your man card if you use essential oils.

Don’t worry. You won’t have to turn in your man card because you diffuse lavender to help you rest better at night. Using Stress Away essential oil to help you cope with that jerk of a co-worker doesn’t make you weak, it keeps you out of the HR manager’s office. Face it, essential oils don’t make you weak. They make you better.

official man cardThey’re not voodoo oils, witchcraft in a bottle or “potions.” Therapeutic grade essential oils are powerful elements possessing innate intelligence that no synthetic product possibly can. They are able to penetrate every cell in your body. They have a measurable frequency. There are hundreds of books written about the physics, chemistry and biology of essential oils like Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. David Stewart. So stop thinking small and ditch the man card. Essential oils work. 

Your family wants and needs you at your best.

Your wife and kids want and need you at your best. I know you want to be the best dad and hubby possible. But when you’re knees or back hurt too much to throw the football the most interesting man in the worldwith little Johnny, that’s affecting him. Maybe you’ve told little Becky for the third time this week that you’re too tired to have a tea party with. Or, if you’re so stressed about your job, finances or relentlessly pursue the next sale so much that you aren’t mentally and emotionally present when you are home, that’s no way to live. Your family deserves better. They deserve you when you’re at your best. That’s why your loving wife keeps wanting to use essential oils on you. Let her.

Stupid hurts and pain sucks.

Whether we’re playing or working, we’re men and we are going to get hurt. It’s what we do. It’s like a badge of honor when we do because we now have stories to tell later on about our toughness. But sometimes we do stupid things. Am I right? You know what I’m talking about. We can see it happening in slow motion; the tree branch falling, the ladder slipping, the campfire incident, the ankle sprain on the court…we knew better, didn’t we? But we didn’t believe it would, or even could, happen to us. Except it did. The consequence for doing something stupid is called pain. And pain sucks, so…

Stop being a sissy.

Clint Eastwood as Walt - stop being a sissyLet your wife use the essential oils on you to ease that discomfort and sooth those sore muscles. So you smell nice for a few minutes. Big deal. Larry and Frank might tease you, but it’s better than you smell right now, right? Your friends can laugh it up. Even if you think they can’t help, your wife doesn’t care. Let her do her “voodoo” on you. Let her apply that potion. See what happens. You don’t need to prove your toughness to her and it’s just plain dumb to tough it out when you don’t have to. And quit overdosing on the ibuprofen – you’re destroying your kidneys and your liver. Young Living Essential Oils won’t.

Support your wife’s endeavor. She needs you.

This is going to get real now. Your wife probably supports you in your endeavors. As men, we want that. Heck, we need that. We need our ego stroked by the person who knows us best from time to time. Now it’s time to man up and support her. Stop asking how much they cost. Stop doubting everything she says about essential oils. Stop nagging at her for going to another meeting. Instead, offer to watch the kids so she can go to meetings. Give her a chance to shine, to build her dream of helping others. Listen to her when she tells you about this incredible new benefit of an essential oil or other supplement from Young Living. This could become something amazing and if you kill it for her, you’re driving a wedge between you both. And you might be killing the dream you’ve both wanted for your married life without even knowing it! Is your pride or your need to be “right” worth that? I don’t think so.

It is about you.

Nic Cage says you got it kidSo, fellow hard-headed man, if you’ve read this far, thank yourself. You deserve it. This is a new beginning for you. If you still think I’m crazy, a wuss, or a sissy because I’m into essential oils, that’s ok. I smell better than you and I’ll be enjoying a closer relationship with my wife and kids, feeling younger and more vital, all while we design the ideal life that we want for ourselves. I truly wish you the best and that you’ll do the same.

C’mon, man. You got this!

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