Face Your Fears To Overcome Challenges

Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post
May 26, 2016
Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post


I can’t sleep.

It’s 3:43am on Thursday and I am up. Why? Because my brain is filled with ideas and thoughts. But my problem has never been knowing what needs to be done; my problem is that I’m reluctant to do certain things, including putting some of those ideas into action. That might surprise you – it does me. And it humbles me because I’ve determined that I’m afraid of being rejected, or failing, so I avoid doing things that might cause too much discomfort. Therefore, I repeatedly make the same mistakes. And the business hits a wall.

And so I decide to get up; after all I’m wide awake. So what do I do? I decide I’ll open Facebook and see who else is up. Except this video pops up about taking “massive action” which is what was keeping me up. I need to take massive action and do even the things that make me cringe, that make me uncomfortable, that I keep putting off.

It’s frustrating when you miss goals. But it’s even more frustrating when you realize it’s because no one else but you is responsible for it. I don’t care if you’re in business for yourself or work a job. You own your success and your failures.

I love this business. There are no excuses. You either succeed or you give up on a dream.

But here’s what I know. If we choose to succeed, we will succeed. We ARE succeeding, even when we fail. But I also know that we struggle at times. We struggle with rejection. We struggle with doubt. We struggle with fear.

But every book about this business that we read, every video we watch and every story we listen to reminds us that we aren’t alone. Most people deal with these same fears. But the great success stories shared by our leaders are about how they were able to overcome all of these self-imposed limitations and build incredible organizations to change the lives of thousands of people. That’s what we want! And I have to constantly remind myself that’s the goal and nothing will stand in the way. Not even me.

So at 3:43am I’m wondering who else struggles with this. I wonder who this post will reach. I wonder if it will inspire change. I wonder if it will inspire me to change and get over the hurdles I face. Because I know if I don’t constantly face my fears and overcome the challenges I’m faced with, my dreams – your dreams – will never be realized.

That scares me more. That is not an option. I used to say, “failure is not an option.” That’s a perfect example of immature thinking. It’s the perfectionist in me. That’s a lie that scared people say. Failure IS an option. It’s healthy. Failing is a learning experience. It’s not final and it’s not fatal. It’s a new beginning, a chance to learn, change direction and keep moving forward.

The only true way we ever fail is when we give up, refuse to grow, and be paralyzed by our fears.

Don’t ever quit on yourself. Don’t ever give up your dreams. I say this because I need to hear it. I need to believe I’m worthy of success, that I deserve it.

And so do you. If you made it this far, leave me a word of encouragement or make a comment about how you overcome your fear.

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