12 Must-Have Items For Your Purse (4 of 4)

Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post
January 11, 2016
Wellness, Purpose & Abundance - Jim & Beth Mayhew Blog Post
NOTE:  This is the fourth of 4 articles covering must-have Young Living products for your purse.

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Are you constantly digging around your purse searching for whatever you’re looking for? If so, it might be time to clean that thing out! Nothing is worse than standing out in the blistering cold wind or pouring rain searching for what seems like hours just to find the car keys. Get organized and carry only what you need while on the go.

The first stage is to assess if what you have in your purse has a good reason to be there. Start by emptying everything out. I mean everything. (Oh and by the way, this would be a great time to switch over to a new purse. Who doesn’t love to get a new purse?!)

To cut down on the weight, remove the loose change that’s floating around or in your wallet. Next, get rid of any of those items that you don’t use often or don’t have a good reason to be there. You know, those old receipts, carry out menus, and stale crackers. It’s so easy to accumulate those kinds of things over time!

Now you have room for carefully selected, helpful, necessary items to replace what you have tossed. The essentials – wallet, keys, phone and sunglasses – is a good place to start. After that, my essentials (pun intended) include my favorite Young Living products!

#10 - L’Briante Lip Gloss/Essential Oil Scent Duos

#10 - L’Briante Lip Gloss/Essential Oil Scent Duos

Don’t be without these unique lip gloss/essential oil duos which are perfect for refreshing your natural beauty on the go. You can apply a light layer of lip gloss with one end, then use the other end to apply the essential oil blend on your wrist or neck! Mix and match L’Briante’s three lustrous colors and three encouraging essential oil blends for a combination that is just for you.

LBriante Lip Gloss Red/Amoressence Red

Young Living LBriante Lip Gloss Neutral/Winter Scent

LBriante Lip Gloss Red/Amoressence Red

#11 - KidScents Oil Collection

#11 - KidScents Oil Collection

So you’re out and about and one of your little ones gets an owie or has a tummy ache. Well because you’re “Super Mom” everything is ok. You’ve got KidScents!

The KidScents Oil Collection is an all-in-one kit which addresses the most common concerns of childhood. This kit includes six mild essential oil blends formulated especially for children: TummyGize, SniffleEase, Owie, BiteBuster, SleepyIze, and GenYus.

Gotta Have Oils Tip:  Use an AromaReady case (available on Amazon Prime) for ultra portability. Or, you can put the KidScents bottles in a portable oils case (available on Amazon Prime) to keep them corralled and safe from breakage.

Be ready for those unexpected moments. You go, Super Mom!

#12 - Business Cards

#12 - Business Cards

If you use essential oils long enough, others will ask you where they can get some, too! That’s why a business card can be a great tool for impromptu encounters with others. People are less likely to lose or throw away a business card than a piece of scratch paper with a name on it. Love it, share it!

Gotta Have Oils Bonus Tip #1:  We suggest using an online printer like VistaPrint.com or OvernightPrints.com. Both offer excellent quality and are quite affordable!

Gotta Have Oils Bonus Tip #2: Keep a notepad and pen handy so you can get contact information for anyone you may run into while you’re out and about. This is so you can follow up or get them information they have requested!

This one little step is what most people fail to do and why they struggle to getting others started using oils!

Do you love these products? Are they new to you? Be sure to leave a comment below! Thanks for following our Purse Makeover posts.


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